Easily manage your contracts by making all the contracts of the Fleet with your smart assistant advising analytics and notifications of the penalties.

Official transactions

It is easy to follow HGS-OGS, parking fines, traffic fines, accident records and processes, fleet traffic insurance operations of the fleet.

Location Management

You can manage your fleet with easy and clear reports by providing integration from vehicle tracking devices in your vehicles.

Fuel Management

You can monitor your fuel purchases through Fuel Management Systems or you can check the detailed analysis of your purchases with clear reports via your current fuel purchases


By managing the maintenance processes of your fleet flawlessly, you can control the costs and prevent the high costs caused by maintenance failures.

Tire Management

You can easily track and manage the processes of your tires such as which warehouse your fleet tires are in, where they are installed and which axle they are attached to.

Fleet Budget

We will calculate all costs until you dispose of the vehicles involved in your fleet and help you take measures to save money.

Smart Assistant

With the rules you will create custom, all the processes are now followed by the intelligent assistant to ensure that you manage your fleet without errors and risks.

Replace Drive Behaviors with iDrive

By analyzing data on how your company vehicles are used, we improve driver behavior and contribute to safe and economical driving.

Driver Rating

Provides driver scoring and driver development by analyzing behavior and habits for safe and economical driving.

Safe Driving

It analyzes the behavior of drivers by measuring their habits and maneuvers, analyzes the behaviors that cause accidents and provides safe driving.


We are increasing the operational efficiency by measuring all fleet processes with smart algorithms which are processed by technology.

Fuel saving

Better driving and idling time tracking from the first day of your fleet to reduce fuel costs, we help you save money.

Environmentally Friendly Drivers

We measure your fleet's low carbon footprint for a cleaner and livable world and support you to have eco-friendly drivers

Why do you need to use?

You can easily manage all the processes of your company vehicles that go one place to another on your screen.

Why do you need to use?

You can easily manage all the processes of your company vehicles that go one place to another on your screen.

Cost Advantage

With the cloud technology, the server is priced according to the cost of your vehicle; Pay as much as you use, make free use of the updates.

Online Access

You can easily manage your fleet operations from anywhere and at any time.

Data security

Your information is secure with İFilo. We protect your data with a proven 256-bit SSL Certificate around the world.


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Euro / per vchicle
  • Appropriate 1-49 Vehicles
  • Unlimited Users
  • Update
  • iDrive
  • Business Integration
Most preferred plan


Euro / per vchicle
  • Appropriate 50-99 Vehicles
  • Unlimited Users
  • Update
  • iDrive
  • Business Integration


Euro / per vchicle
  • Appropriate 100-199 Vehicles
  • Unlimited Users
  • Update
  • iDrive
  • Business Integration
  • Data input
  • Advanced Fleet Analysis
  • Special Assistant Support